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Laboratorio de análisis Dr. Echevarne


Laboratorio de análisis Dr. Echevarne
Provença 312
Barcelona 08037
41° 23' 46.05" N, 2° 9' 48.7944" E
Email address: 
+3493 504 01 16
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Laboratorio de analisis Dr. Echevarne is a family owned company since 1958, when Dr. Fernando Echevarne founded his first analysis laboratory in Barcelona.

Technical improvements and customer adaptability have been two important constants throughout our history, a fact that has made Laboratorio Dr. Echevarne one of the main and most advanced laboratories in Europe.

The first reference analyses in the history of the laboratory were hormonal detections, then an analytical novelty, and carried on from there to include other fields such as cytogenetics and toxicology, as complements to the classical laboratory areas of biochemistry, haematology, Immunology, and microbiology. More recent technologies like molecular biology, based on the amplification and sequencing of nucleic acids, have been subsequently incorporated to respond to the increasing demand in the diagnoses and evaluation of hereditary diseases, oncology and infectious diseases. Analytical techniques based on mass-spectrometry, gas- and liquid- chromatography (LC/MS/MS) and ICP-MS, the latter for the study of periodic table elements, are also currently extensively used in the laboratory.

Quality Assurance is also a priority of the laboratory, and a special unit, Quality Management was created for this purpose, managing the preparation of audits and certifications and the encouragement of a Total Quality policy throughout the institution.

The laboratory currently employs over 800 professionals in a total of 44 laboratory centers within its working structure (Iberian Peninsula).

For more information, please contact  Dr. Jose I.Lao