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Does the volume of the urine sample that is collected for the PCA3 test influence the PCA3 Score?

Answer by the PCA3 Editorial Board
Prof. Jack Schalken

The PCA3 test starts with a digital rectal examination (DRE) of the prostate consisting of 3 strokes per lobe. The patient is then asked to urinate. The manufacturer of the PCA3 test recommends the collection of the first voided urine (20-30 mL). However, collection of a larger or smaller volume will not affect the PCA3 Score. This is confirmed by a recent study showing that the urine volume collected (with volumes up to 120 mL) did not influence the PCA3 Score [1]. After the collection of the urine sample, 2.5 mL is transferred into a special PCA3 collection tube (this can be ordered from one of the laboratories certified to perform the PCA3 test (PCA3 Performing Labs). The processed urine sample can be shipped at room temperature (within 5 days) to a certified laboratory for analysis. The laboratory determines the PCA3 Score and reports back to your physician.

  1. Schilling D, et al. Interpretation of the Prostate Cancer Gene 3 in Reference to the Individual Clinical Background: Implications for Daily Practice. Urol Int 2010; 85:159-65